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May 31 2013
Fishing Book “Pescando en Puerto Rico”

Club Náutico de San Juan and the International Billfish Tournament proudly present the book “Pescando en Puerto Rico,” written by Timothy O’Brien about the earliest days of sportfishing and big game angling in Puerto Rico.

The Author presents his father’s weekly columns published in “El Mundo” newspaper for several years, and plenty of fishing anecdotes, information and insights, among other topics.

Now, you have the opportunity to pre-order the book, either a limited IBT’s Tournament Edition (only 150 pieces) or a great package with both, the IBT’s Edition and a Trade Edition softcover.

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(1) Tournament Limited Edition

(2) Limited Edition Package (Tournament Limited Edition + Trade Softcover)

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Pescando en Puerto Rico: Frank O’Brien and the Origins of Big Game Angling in Puerto Rico
by Timothy P. O’Brien

Since the discovery of its blue marlin fishery in the early 1950s, Puerto Rico has embraced the sport as few nations have, hosting one of the world’s first international blue marlin tournaments some 60 years ago. The Club Nautico de San Juan International Billfish Tournament is a premier event that remains as popular as ever thanks to the dedication of members of its sponsoring club. When it comes to furthering the sport, I can honestly say anglers in this country are second to none. They literally led the charge for billfish conservation by helping to found and more importantly – fund The Billfish Foundation. Local anglers also were among the first to institute minimum weights and the eventual partial release format in their blue marlin tournaments.

The region’s fishing history is as rich as its blue marlin fishery. After reading Tim O’Brien’s definitive book on the subject of big game fishing in Puerto Rico, you’ll be online booking a trip to fish this fabulous destination where blue marlin fishing is not just a sport, it’s a passion.

Jan Fogt, Senior Contributing Writer to Marlin Magazine.

Timothy P. O’Brien, Ph.D. Author, Angler, and Scholar

Timothy P. O’Brien grew up around angling, fishing tackle, stories, and the lore of big game fish. He is the son of Tycoon Tackle, Inc. founder and owner Frank M. O’Brien, Jr. He has traveled throughout the Western Hemisphere in search of gamefish and the opportunity to interact with anglers. He is a strong advocate of catch and release and is outspoken on the issues surrounding the world’s fisheries. He believes we should catch all we want, but put to good use all we catch.

Tim considers himself a “Boricua” because he lived in Puerto Rico for the first fifteen years of his life, attending Liceo Puertorriqueño and later, Robinson School. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from St. Edward’s University (Summa cum laude), a Master’s degree from the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin, and a Doctor of Philosophy from L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University. Tim’s dissertation was titled: The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna: A Public Policy Approach to Saving an Iconic Species.

Tim serves on the International Committee of Representatives of the International Game Fish Association and on the Ecosystem and Ocean Planning Advisory Panel of the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council. He is ever ready to swap stories or answer questions about fish, fishing, or anglers. His first book, The Tycoon Tackle Story, recounts the history and lessons of one of the most storied and beloved fishing tackle firms of all time. He lives in Crozet, Virginia with his wife Anne.


Autor, Pescador y Académico

Timothy P. O'Brien creció alrededor de pesca, aparejos de pesca, las historias y las tradiciones de la pesca del mar. Él es el hijo del fundador y propietario de Tycoon Tackle, Inc.., Frank M. O'Brien, Jr. Él ha viajado por todo el hemisferio occidental en busca de pesca deportiva y la oportunidad de interactuar con los pescadores. Él es un firme defensor de la captura y liberación y es franco sobre las cuestiones relacionadas con la pesca en el mundo. Él cree que debemos pescar todo lo que queremos, pero necesitamos poner a buen uso todo lo que pescamos.

Tim se considera a sí mismo un "Boricua" porque vivió en Puerto Rico durante los primeros quince años de su vida, asistiendo Liceo Puertorriqueño y más tarde, la Robinson School en el Condado. Él tiene una Bachelor of Artes en las Ciencias Políticas de la St. Edward’s University (Summa cum laude), un Masters of Public Affairs de la Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs en la University of Texas at Austin, y un Doctorado en Filosofía (Ph.D.) de la L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs en la Virginia Commonwealth University. Su tesis del doctorado se titulaba: El atún rojo del Atlántico: un enfoque de políticas públicas a fin de guardar una especie emblemática.

Tim es miembro del Comité Internacional de Representantes de la International Game Fish Association y en el Comité del Ecosistema y Planificación del Océano de la Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council. Él está siempre dispuesto a intercambiar historias o responder a preguntas acerca de los peces, la pesca o pescadores. Su primer libro, The Tycoon Tackle Story, narra la historia y la experiencia de una de las empresas más históricas y queridas de aparejos de pesca de todos los tiempos. Vive en Crozet, Virginia con su esposa Anne.