The International Billfish Tournament, the longest consecutively held international billfish tournament in the world


August 18, 2011

Longest Consecutively Held International Big Game Fishing Tournament in the World!!!!

Anglers from different corners of the world will meet in San Juan, Puerto Rico, for the 58th edition of the International Billfish Tournament of Club Náutico de San Juan Sept. 4-11, 2011.

Chairman Frankie Mirandés said that approximately 55 battlewagons and 250 top-notch deep sea fishing anglers will compete in the quest for the Atlantic Blue Marlin in this All Release format, four fishing day tournament using 50 LB. test line. Participating countries are: Australia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Scotland-UK, South Africa, USA, USVI, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

“You don’t need to charter a fishing boat,” said Mirandés, explaining one of the event’s uniqueness. Anglers fish on board the best yachts from the tournament’s armada, and rotate every day to meet new anglers, and exchange new information.

“International anglers love this system!! It promotes info sharing, sportsmanship and camaraderie,” explains Mirandés. Other highlights include transportation from the airport to the hotel (pending previous arrangements with the Organizing Committee), and assistance.

“Anglers enjoy this VIP attention, fishing with the very best in the region with no hassle. You have to simply show up at the Club, have breakfast and fish in a comfortable yacht assigned to you every morning and on a daily basis,” explains Mirandés.

This year, the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) will launch its new IGFA Marlin Open Race event worldwide in San Juan. It consist of a “race” among anglers from different parts of the world whose “competition” consists of how far away a satellite pop-up tag is released, in comparison to the place in the ocean where it was deployed.

IGFA informed that “in the days leading up to a billfish tournament,angling teams are invited to sponsor pop-up archival satellite tags (PATs) to be placed on fish caught and released during the event. 120 days after each tag is deployed, it automatically releases itself from the fish – and its exact location is determined by earth-orbiting ARGOS satellites. In a given tournament, the tag that surfaces furthest from where it was initially deployed wins the race for that tournament. The IGFA Great Marlin Race will last 12 months, encompass many tournaments, and deploy 50 PATs on a variety of billfish species in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.”

The Tournament aggressively promotes conservation, and anglers are requested to release all their captures as soon as possible. It is the longest consecutively held big game fishing tournament in the world.

For companions, the IBT of Club Náutico de San Juan offers unparallel entertainment. “Fishing widows” enjoy a busy agenda with special events and gatherings prepared by the Ladies Committee. “We are the best fishing tournament for companions!” says Mirandés. Various extraordinary social activities are included. This year’s main party will be “The 80’s are Back!!”

The best way to enter the tournament is to be invited by one of the many “ambassadors” of the San Juan International, who are Organizing Committee members working throughout the year to orchestrate a most memorable edition. But international anglers can also surf the web, send an e-mail to Frankie Mirandés at or to Marely Gutierrez, tournament coordinator,, or visit Club Náutico on Sept. 5 and Sept. 6 for Tournament Registration. You may also call 787-722-0177, Fax 787-724-8059. Enjoy the magic of the IBT of Club Náutico de San Juan!

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